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PXG Battle Ready II Bat Attack Heel Shaft Golf Putter

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Original price £349.00
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Platinum Finish with Black Accents - Chrome Shaft

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Headcover - Yes

Grip - PXG Pistol I Putter Grip Black


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PXG Battle Ready II Bat Attack Golf Putter.

Elevate your putting game with the PXG Bat Attack Heel Shafted Putter – a masterpiece crafted for precision and performance. With revolutionary technologies and a sleek design, this putter is engineered to redefine your experience on the green.

Experience the evolution of putting technology with the PXG Bat Attack Heel Shafted Putter. Where innovation meets elegance, this putter is designed to enhance your performance on the green, one precise putt at a time. Dominate the course with confidence and finesse, and make every stroke count.

IMPROVED MOI WITH HOLLOW BODY CONSTRUCTION: The Bat Attack Heel Shafted Putter takes putting innovation to new heights with its hollow body construction. Departing from traditional solid body putters, unwanted mass is strategically repositioned to the extreme perimeter, significantly improving the moment of inertia (MOI). This groundbreaking design enhances consistency on mis-hits, ensuring a more reliable and accurate putting experience.

S COR™ TECHNOLOGY: Featuring S COR™ technology, this putter incorporates a lightweight polymer seamlessly injected into the body. S COR bonds with the ultra-thin face, not only enhancing MOI but also reducing vibrations. The result is a superior sound and feel that elevates your connection with the ball on every putt.

THE THINNEST FACE IN PUTTERS: Inspired by PXG's flagship irons, the hollow body design enables the development of an ultra-thin putter face – a mere 0.055” thick. This highly responsive face allows the center of gravity to be positioned farther back in the clubhead, ultimately increasing the moment of inertia (MOI) and delivering unparalleled performance on the greens.

REFINED FACE PATTERN: The third iteration of the pyramid face structure introduces a more aggressive milling, enhancing ball roll characteristics. The Bat Attack Heel Shafted Putter offers the soft sound reminiscent of an insert putter while maintaining the responsive feel of a solid milled putter. Experience precision and control with every stroke.

PRECISION WEIGHTING: Fine-tune the balance of your Bat Attack Heel Shafted Putter with precision weighting. Adjust the location and mass of the weights to customize the feel and performance of your putter. Combine this with a selection of hosels for further fine-tuning, ensuring optimal launch conditions tailored to your unique stroke and preferences.

Grip - PXG Pistol I Putter Grip Black

Heel Shafted
Head Weight: 370g
Loft: 3°
Lie: 70°
Hang Angle: Significant Toe Hang
Shaft Offset: Half Shaft