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Under Armour Drive Pro Men's Golf Shoes

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White/Capri Blue

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Under Armour Drive Pro Men's Golf Shoes.

Introducing the New Under Armour Drive Pro Men's Golf Shoes – Engineered for Peak Performance

Unlock the full potential of your natural swing with the biomechanically engineered and lab-tested UA Drive Pro golf shoes from Under Armour. Our cutting-edge design ensures you get the traction, diagonal and lateral support needed to dominate the golf course. Here's why the UA Drive Pro is a game-changer.

Lace-up a pair of UA Drive Pro golf shoes – where innovation meets performance. Elevate your game with Under Armour, your trusted partner on the golf course.

Jordan Spieth - “Being a golfer isn’t a traditional 9-5 job. You’re on your feet walking the course for such a long time so it’s so important to be equipped with footwear that will help your body achieve its best on the course. I’m ecstatic that Under Armour has developed the Drive Pro, which combines comfort, style, and performance throughout the long days that we endure on the green. I look forward to showing firsthand the impact that Under Armour makes on the course with the release of the Drive Pro.”


UA Swing Support System: Smarter Traction for Superior Performance

The UA Drive Pro features the revolutionary UA Swing Support System (S3), offering smarter traction that enhances your grip on the turf. The game-changing UA S3 spikes, designed in collaboration with Softspikes® and a golf biomechanist, provide directional traction for unparalleled stability during your swing.

Dynamic Comfort with Dual-Foam Cushioning & Lockdown Lacing

Experience unmatched comfort with dual-foam cushioning that adapts to your every step. The lockdown lacing ensures a secure fit, giving you the confidence to take on any shot with precision and control.

Biomechanically Correct Lock-In with Swing Support Strap

The UA Drive Pro goes beyond standard golf shoes by incorporating a Swing Support Strap, combined with reinforced uppers, ensuring biomechanically correct lock-in. This innovative feature enhances stability and support throughout your swing.

Energy-Returning UA HOVR™ Foam + Supportive Charged Cushioning®

Powered by UA HOVR™ foam and Charged Cushioning®, these shoes guide the natural motion of your foot during a golf swing, providing energy return and maintaining optimum comfort throughout your round.

Strategic Flex Grooves and Secondary Traction for Optimal Performance

The outsole of the UA Drive Pro is equipped with strategic flex grooves and secondary traction, enhancing your grip and stability. TPU up the side adds extra support precisely where you need it most – at impact.

Enhanced Fit and Stability

An updated fit with more room at the ball of the foot ensures improved comfort and stability, allowing you to focus on your game without distractions.

Breathable, Waterproof, and Built to Last

The UA Drive Pro features a breathable and supportive engineered microfiber upper, complemented by a full waterproof membrane with a 1-year warranty. Stay dry and comfortable, regardless of the weather conditions.

Molded Sockliner for Enhanced Fit & Comfort

The molded sockliner adds another layer of comfort, providing an enhanced fit that conforms to the unique shape of your foot.


1 year waterproof warranty
Weight: 12 oz.
Lace type: Standard tie

UA Golf Shoe Size Guide

CM (Centimeters)
- 25 cm: Euro 40, UK 6, US Men 7
- 25.5 cm: Euro 40.5, UK 6.5, US Men 7.5
- 26 cm: Euro 41, UK 7, US Men 8
- 26.5 cm: Euro 42, UK 7.5, US Men 8.5
- 27 cm: Euro 42.5, UK 8, US Men 9
- 27.5 cm: Euro 43, UK 8.5, US Men 9.5
- 28 cm: Euro 44, UK 9, US Men 10
- 28.5 cm: Euro 44.5, UK 9.5, US Men 10.5
- 29 cm: Euro 45, UK 10, US Men 11
- 29.5 cm: Euro 45.5, UK 10.5, US Men 11.5
- 30 cm: Euro 46, UK 11, US Men 12
- 30.5 cm: Euro 47, UK 11.5, US Men 12.5
- 31 cm: Euro 47.5, UK 12, US Men 13
- 31.5 cm: Euro 48, UK 12.5, US Men 13.5
- 32 cm: Euro 48.5, UK 13, US Men 14
- 32.5 cm: Euro 49, UK 13.5, US Men 14.5
- 33 cm: Euro 49.5, UK 14, US Men 15
- 33.5 cm: Euro 50, UK 14.5, US Men 15.5
- 34 cm: Euro 50.5, UK 15, US Men 16

This shoe size guide provides corresponding Euro, UK, and US Men sizes based on the length of the foot in centimeters.

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