Custom Fit Golf Clubs

We are authorised Custom Fitting partners with Titleist, Taylormade and Wilson Staff.

At Pin High Golf we take Custom Fitting very seriously and all of our fittings are factory made by our suppliers to ensure they are built to the highest standard.

One of the most common sayings we hear is "I'm not good enough to get custom fit golf clubs" A golf club that is the incorrect length and lie will seriously impact the players ability to improve their golf swing mechanics therefore hindering the opportunity to improve their game. Every golf swing is different and it is essential for any golfer to "have the clubs fit their swing and not their swing fit the clubs!" 

Once an order has been placed through custom fit there is a manufacturers lead time of 1-3 Weeks. We will ship your new custom fit golf clubs to you free of charge.

If you are local to us and want us to fit you for your new clubs, please contact us directly at

Our local fitting is performed by one of Suffolk's most experienced PGA Professional's