TaylorMade Spider EX Flow Neck Platinum Putter

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TaylorMade Spider EX Flow Neck Platinum Putter

  • White True Path™ with Three Dot Alignment

    The science of white. White is the most reflective color, which allows the human eye to clearly see the path of the stroke. The new shape is designed to allow golfers to use the front of the face for alignment and the two rails to center the golf ball. Three strategically positioned dots deliver a premium aesthetic and functional aiming tool.

  • Fluted Feel™ Shaft

    A newly engineered putter shaft with a softer section located 5” from the tip, intently designed to enhance feel, increase stability and tighten dispersion.

  • Pure Roll² Insert

    TaylorMade’s first co-molded insert is manufactured from white TPU urethane and includes silver aluminum beams at a 45° angle. It’s designed to produce better roll and feel characteristics.

  • New Multi-Material Design

    The use of multiple materials like heavy tungsten in the back weights creates a deep CG for better distance control. Lightweight aluminum and composite create better performance advantages around the circumference of the head. Heavy steel is strategically co-molded on the frame of the heel and toe areas for optimal stability.

  • Head Shape

    A slightly more streamlined head design (compared to Spider X) features softer lines and a more rounded backside. Overall, Spider EX head size is a little larger (3.5mm heel to toe and 2.7mm front to back) than Spider X.

Flow Neck RH/LH 20° 33",34",35" 352g 70° Pure Roll²
Flow Neck

Stock Shaft

TaylorMade Fluted Feel

TaylorMade Fluted Feel
Weight Color
120g Chrome with Black Flutes

Stock Grip

GTR 1.0 Grey/White

GTR 1.0 Grey/White

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